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Privacy Statement

General Information
Our website security is unmatched anywhere on the Internet. Once you type your information, it's sent instantly directly to our order processing system, which is on a server separate from the Internet. This is done to protect you from unauthorized use of the information you're sending to our server.

Contact Information
Our postal address is:

Easy Passport Visa
1095 Broken Sound Pkwy NW
Boca Raton, FL 33487

You can e-mail us at or reach us by phone at (800) 998-8652.

Easy Passport Visa has developed relationships with our customers based on respect and integrity. We're aware of the trust and confidence you demonstrate when you visit our website and provide us with information. This Privacy Statement is posted to demonstrate our adherence to the practices you'll find common to the best websites online. We promise that we'll treat your information with the same honesty and sensitivity that we've displayed throughout our company's history.

We will never share your email address, phone number, personal or company information with any unrelated third party except as necessary to fulfill transactions that you initiate.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Statement, please call us toll-free at (800) 998-8652 or e-mail us at or send a letter to the above address.

Easy Passport Visa Privacy Statement
By visiting the Easy Passport Visa website you agree to accept the practices described in this Privacy Statement.

Changes to this Privacy Statement, Conditions of Use and Notices: This Privacy Statement and our Terms of Use will change over time and the use of information which we gather now is subject to these Notices and Terms as modified. Please check this page periodically as you continue to use our site to see if any changes have been made. The date of the most recent update of this privacy policy can be found at the bottom of this document. If you visit our website your visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Notice and our Legal Notices, including the application of the laws of the State of Florida.

Easy Passport Visa does not offer service to persons under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot conduct business on this site. We do allow parents or legal guardians over the age of 18 to use our service for a minor child.

Personal Information Collected By Easy Passport Visa:
Easy Passport Visa uses information that we collect from our visitors to personalize and improve your visit at Easy Passport Visa. We gather the following types of information:

Information you give us:
Easy Passport Visa collects any information which you enter on our website. This information is normally provided when you search, buy, participate in a contest, sweepstakes or on-line survey, or when you communicate with any of our departments such as customer service, sales or technical services through our website, telephone, mail or fax. You also provide information when you establish an account with us. Examples of the type of information you may supply us with include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail addresses.

Automatic Information collected by us:
We (or agents on our behalf) collect anonymous information from visits to our sites through the use of "web beacons." Web beacons are web page elements, which may employ cookie technology, that enable us to record anonymous data about visits to or transactions made on our website. This anonymous information is sometimes known as "clickstream data." We may use this data to analyze trends and statistics to improve your online experience, or customer service. No personal data is collected through the use of web beacons on our sites.

Through the use of cookies we may also collect and analyze the IP address used to connect your computer to the Internet; computer and connection information such as your browser type and version; operating system and platform information; purchase history; confirmation when you open e-mail that we send you; and the URLs which lead you to and around our website, including the date and time. Your browser allows you to reject cookies and software is available from third parties which will allow you to visit our website without providing this information.

You are welcomed at our website if you use this software but we will not be able to offer you our personalized services and we will be unable to process orders from you.

Sharing of Information with third-parties:
Independent Contractors: We may employ other companies or individuals to provide certain services to us, such as analyzing customer lists and data, or providing marketing assistance or consulting services. These third parties will have access to the information needed to perform their functions but cannot use that information for any other purpose. Any third parties who use our data will be fully bound by this privacy policy. In no event will the data being used by any unrelated third party include your email address.

Aggregate information:
From time to time we may provide aggregate customer information (e.g. purchased services, geographical location, gender, rebate dollar value (if applicable), category of product from rebate (if applicable), age, travel destination or other similar non-personally identifiable information) by Easy Passport Visa during the processing of rebates. The recipients of this aggregate information may be third parties, vendors and affiliated business partners. This information does not allow third parties, vendors and affiliated business partners to identify you individually in any way. Sharing of data in this manner is strictly for demographic profiling and trend analysis.

Third Party Transaction-Level Data:
If you visit our site from a third-party site the third-party site may be able to access select information from your individual transaction information. In order to track and credit your transaction the third-party site may give you a unique code, cookie or graphic which will uniquely identify you. This will only happen if you link directly from a third party site to our website. Any transactions made at our website while such a code is active will be reported back to the third party site. We will only report non-personal information to these sites such as the date of the transaction, the product(s) purchased and the amount spent. We will not report any information to these third party sites that will allow them to personally identify you and will never share your email address with any third party. The presence of a third party navigation bar atop our site is an indication that the third party site may be able to see your activity on our site.

Links to Third Party Site(s):
Our website contains certain links to third party sites, such as our vendors. Easy Passport Visa is not responsible or liable for the privacy practices or content found on these sites. We suggest that you check the privacy statement of each site you visit.

Law Enforcement and Protection of Users:
We will release personally identifiable information to third parties and organizations when we believe it's appropriate for us to do so to comply with the law. We will also do so to cooperate with law enforcement investigations, court orders or subpoenas, or to protect the legal rights of us and our users, or when we believe it is needed for fraud protection and/or credit risk reduction.

Business Transfer:
In the unlikely event that Easy Passport Visa is sold, has its assets acquired or transferred, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, or merges or becomes affiliated with any other division, individual or entity, any customer information owned or under the control of Expedited Docs Corp. may be one of the transferred assets.

We employ the latest 128-bit encryption technology in all areas of the site which require you to provide your personal or account information, including online ordering, order status, catalog request and most contest forms. Your name, your personal information and especially your credit card number are safely stored in our proprietary systems behind our firewall. Once you type your personal information, it is sent instantly, encrypted, directly to our order processing system which is on a server separate from our Internet server. To make sure you have the latest security features on your browser, you may want to download the most recent version of your favorite browser, which should have full SSL support.

Use of Information:
Easy Passport Visa will use the information you provide us to fulfill the services you have ordered. Easy Passport Visa reserves the right to market similar services or products by either telephone or email for up to (75) days, not to exceed (10) separate attempts to contact each customer. Any customer submitting and providing their contact information but not placing an order online may be contacted by Expedited Docs Corp. or its subsidiaries up to (10) separate attempts by telephone or via email within the period commencing on the day they submitted such information and the day of the customer provided travel date (required as a condition of submitting information). Any customer typing their email address into a form on the Easy Passport Visa Website but NOT clicking-through on such web form may be emailed up to (3) times, not less than 24 hours apart, in attempt to reach out to a prospective customer in attempt to answer any customer questions.

Data Retention:
All orders placed without the optional future lost/stolen replacement service will only have personally identifiable information stored for (7) months. Any orders placed with future lost/stolen replacement service will have information stored for (10) years.

Physical Use of Information:
Easy Passport Visa will only use physical documents provided to us to complete the requested services you have purchased. All pertinent documents as returned to us by any passport agency and or foreign consulate / embassy will be returned to the customer with their passport at the time it's released from the aforementioned entity. Easy Passport Visa will not be liable for any documents not returned to us by a passport agency and/or foreign consulate / embassy. We will try to assist our customers, to the best of our ability, in obtaining any such documents not returned which normally are.

Independent Contractors:
We may employ other companies or individuals to provide certain services to us such as: delivery and/or pickup of documents from a passport agency or foreign consulate / embassy. Any third parties who provide such services will be fully bound by this privacy policy. In no event will the physical documents provided be used by any unrelated third party. No third parties may contact you for any reason or in an manner other than for the fulfillment of the services purchased.

Return and/or Destruction of Documents
For all documents received regarding a customer's order and either returned to us by a passport agency or foreign consulate / embassy or not submitted in the process of completing customers' order; we will:
• Return all important documents including but not limited to: birth certificates, passports, immigration paperwork, any secondary forms of ID or other similar vital documents.
• Destroy any extra application copies, photocopies of identification, authorization letters, travel itinerary copies, receipts of travel purchase, copies of airline tickets, or other similar documents upon completion of customers' order.

Last Updated: August 8th, 2013